About Denmead Brass

Denmead Brass are a modern brass band that competes throughout the UK and delivers a series of entertaining concerts to our ever growing audience. At our heart we thrive on giving back to our supportive community with new music, excitement at all our events and all round good entertainment. We are very grateful to all our audience members for their continued support; through ticket sales we are able to give our younger members a great musical education, upgrade our instruments to provide members with professional equipment and create bigger and better events for all to enjoy. We always welcome new audience members to any of our public concerts and competitions, and hope they too enjoy our music making.

Denmead Brass have a strong playing membership, and enjoy making music in a friendly environment. Our charitable organisation consists of two large ensembles, Denmead Brass and Denmead Training which focus on the professional creation of music and the foundations of musical education respectively. We welcome new players of all abilities who are looking for a new opportunities, whether you are an experienced musician or are just starting out on your musical journey. Wherever possible we will always try and provide brass or percussion instruments for our members.

Our Ethos

​ Our Mission is to bring brass band enthusiasts together, to enjoy music and inspire others. We do this by performing in our local community, competing locally and nationally, providing training and encouragement to adults and young people, and by supporting other charities and good causes.

We believe that absolutely everybody should have the opportunity to learn to play an instrument and take part in group music making. As such, the band aims to offer anyone the opportunity to learn how to read music and play a brass instrument, to grow in confidence and develop their skills within a fun and safe brass band setting.

How we do this

​ Denmead Brass is a registered charity. All our activities are primarily funded from our concerts and engagements, our member’s subscription and a generous grant from Denmead Parish Council. In addition to providing sheet music, instruments and musical direction to our musicians, we provide a fantastic opportunity to make and develop lifelong skills and friendships.

We offer a training band for learners of all ages and abilities, as well as a main band for established players. The main band compete annually in the National Brass Band championships of Great Britain, and are currently in the second section.

It is my pleasure to welcome you, as a part of our community, to Denmead Brass. It is your support that has made our charity such a wonderful organisation that goes from strength to strength.