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We are here to make your event run smoothly and to ensure your guests have a great time. Our experience in entertainment will ensure that you have a tailored program unique to your needs. What ever your query get in touch we would be more than happy to hear from you:
How to book the right band for your event

The easiest way to get the perfect sound for your event is to contact us through our submission form with the details of your event and a contact number. 

Things that can help us:

-   Location, Date, Time and duration of the event

-   Venue size including performance and dressing space   available

-   Expected audience size 

-   A description of the event and type of music you want to hear

We would love to be able to give you our pricing structure upfront to make this easier for you, however each event is unique and requires us to consider the preparation needed to ensure you love the music.


We will never compromise on quality and always strive to give you the perfect sound.

Thanks for submitting!

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- Music, it's what we do!